Fix Your Company's Immediate Problem (Even If You Don't Know What's Causing It)

Together, We Will Uncover the Base Issues, Fix Them, and Give You The Framework to Implement Change In Any Situation

As a leader, you commit to your company to deliver what's requested on time and within budget. But right now, you need some help with that.

There's been a significant change, and you have a big problem to fix—fast.

Something's in your way, and your team is looking to you for support, direction, and motivation. In short, they are looking to you for leadership.

It could be:

You may have tried to figure it out on your own, but you keep drawing a blank. Perhaps you're leading more than one team, and you don't have the resources–be they mental, physical, or emotional–to devote to both. Maybe you just haven't had the time to devote to this particular issue.

For whatever reason, you're not sure you're up to fixing this one on your own.

Until recently, you would have gathered everyone in a room and announced, "We're not leaving until we figure this out!" But you can't do that anymore. Time zones, remote work, and connectivity have changed the face of collaboration. And your problem-solving has to change, too.

The deadline keeps getting closer, and the solution feels lightyears away.

But you don't want to look like The Leader Who Can't Figure It Out. You need someone to come in, show you what needs to be done, help you do it, and make you the show's star at the end.

And that's precisely what we can do. We'll use creative problem-solving, outcome-driven collaboration techniques, and the ThinkUP Framework™ to get your team back on track to achieving their goals—on time and within budget.

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"I am amazed at how much my team could accomplish quickly under Janice's guidance. Tasked with developing a critical plan to guide a national initiative forward, I needed to ensure my team could come together despite staffing changes to quickly gain clarity on our direction and find the momentum to get started. We needed a way to capture critical insights from a pilot project and use them to move towards fulfilling our national mandate. Our task was complex, impacted many stakeholders, and the team members assigned to the project had limited availability.